European Rail Contractors met in Milan

At the kind invitation of the A.N.I.A.F. — the Italian rail contractors association the EFRTC (European Federation of Railways Trackworks Contractors) held its General Meeting in Milan on 6th October 2017. It gathered senior managers of leading railways contractors from most of European countries — representing France, Germany, Spain, UK, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and host country Italy.

The Delegates were welcomed by ANIAF President Sen. Prof. Dott. Salvatore Margiotta and the working session was opened by the EFRTC President, Jean Pierre Bertrand. At the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Federation, General Secretary Dr. Ing. Imrich Korpanec reviewed the last decade's achievements.

The Delegates have been further informed on progress of the works made by three Specialists Interests Group namely Safety, Procurement and Digitalisation.

UNIFE, as one of the most important EFRTC partner, presented European policy issues and developments relevant to contractors.

In the afternoon the EFRTC Delegates have a pleasure to listen to Italian guests presentations from TRENITALIA, ITALFER and POLIMI Milano.

The EFRTC members acknowledged that market environment has significantly changed as it was documented in very interesting presentation of the EFRTC Honorary President Jo Urlings. They have hence also discussed how to adapt in order to respond the future challenges. It was recognized that current format of Federation is not any more sustainable because contractors are now more and more global player at European level and even in world market enhancing the portfolio of services far behind just of track as integrated infrastructure provider.

The future business models shall be studied and implemented for the successor of the current Federation under the new denomination - ERC as European Rail Contractors.

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