Project Workshop and Training

Innovations for Increasing Track Performance & Capacity

The EU funded Capacity4Rail Project Workshop on Innovation for Increasing Track Performance & Capacity was hosted by EFRTC at FNTP in Paris on 15 March 2017.

The aim of the workshop was to assure widespread dissemination of project outcomes to the targeted audience behind of the project partnership. The workshop was a successful event as it attracted the interests of about 50 participants especially from organisations and experts not directly participating in the project. It was attended by numerous infrastructure managers, private companies, consultants, railway industry, academia, institutions and representatives of the European Union Agency for Railways.

The workshop was opened by welcome address of the EFRTC Secretary General, Dr. Ing. Imrich Korpanec followed by presentation of Mr. Alvaro Andrés, UIC Capacity4Rail Project Coordinator outlining the project objectives aimed at bringing the railway system towards a resilient, affordable, adaptable, automated and high-capacity railway by 2030/2050.

Presentations of project partners covered issues such as new track concepts including slab track, effect of very high speed on track and bridges, new approach to maintenance of S&C based on advanced sensors and monitoring technologies, understanding root causes of S&C defects and assessing effective remedies, advanced monitoring and diagnostics of track infrastructure for predictive track maintenance including slab track and finally the migration strategies for innovative track solutions 2030/2050.

The workshop was closed with a round table discussion gathering representatives of Infrastructure Managers, Academia, private contractors and railway consultants discussing the potential for market uptake of the projects achievements.

More details with links to downloading presentations you will find under the "Other events" folder of the EFRTC website : Click here

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