European Federation of Trackworks Contractors is a Federation of national track-works/constructions? associations in EC countries established in 1997 and individual construction companies acting in European countries.

It includes almost 120 companies which employees more than 35 000 specialized track-works workforce and produce an average annual turnover about 8 billion only for track-works (excluding materials).

EFRTC members are involved in all major European projects for construction of the new high-speed lines, priority projects for upgrading the EC Trans-European Network and modernisation, track renewal and maintenance of national networks. Moreover, many of EFRTC companies are not only active in Europe but are involved in railway projects over the whole world in about 30 countries as e.g. ? in South America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil), Asia (Hong-Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan), Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Angola, Mali), USA and Australia.

The main objectives of the Federation are

Promote liberalization of European market for track construction, renewal and maintenance to be carried out by effective and competitive private sector contractors
Support further harmonization of rules and regulations in technology, safety and operation related to contractors as basis for interoperability and further standardisation
Aim at achieving cross-acceptance of track machinery, staff and works as a key barrier for further market opening
Support technical innovations and improvements in safety, quality and competency and thus contributing to increase of overall efficiency of rail sector

EFRTC is governed by the Board composed of senior managers from different European countries. The Federation work towards above objectives is performed in three professional Committees, namely - Policy & Research, Technology & Logistics and Safety & Security.

EFRTC has developed close cooperation with European professional associations of Infrastructure Managers, namely with EIM (European Infrastructure Managers), CER (Community of European Railways and IM) and UIC (International Union of Railways).

EFRTC is also associate member of UNIFE and strongly supports the UNIFE policy commitments to the rail development and funding of rail infrastructure.